Hola 👋
My name is carlos march, I'm from valencia, spain.

Designing is my job. My professional field has led me trough a wide variety of areas between product design, UX & UI design.

Following a process of understanding users and industry needs, experimenting and iterating to a solution, I help in product design, including research, prototyping, validation, user experience, interaction and visual design.

Team player, I partner with engineering, product, and business folks, to find elegant but practical solutions.

I design by day, code by night, and snorkel in sunny days.
Key interests & skills

  • Design Systems [for] cohesion and consistency
  • Atomic Design [for] sclability, predictability and efficiency
  • Design Thinking [for] providing a solution-based approach to solving problems
  • GV Sprint Design [for] aligning our team under a shared vision
  • UX Research [for] developing strategies based off of insights of real people
  • Prototyping [for] testing and validation
  • Visual design [for] creating honest, simple and aesthetic work

Books that shaped (and helped) me as a designer books